Preparing Actors for Auditions for Over 20 Years
 Founded in 1993 by Wayne David Gasser



No bribes or money were exchanged for the following ...



"I have known Wayne since 1979 - there began our friendship.  Wayne is bright, charming, ambitious and honest.  He is very sensitive to the actors' needs."
...Kevin Bacon, Actor

Jesse Williams was a student for 6 months and soon
after landed his role on "Grey's Anatomy"
"Wayne teaches you how to just 'let it happen in the moment and use whatever you have going on to your advantage."
...Celeste Holm
Academy Award
Winning Actress
"Wayne was tops in L.A. as he is in NYC.  His clients and students are lucky to have his guidance"
...Kaye Stevens
"Wayne's acting class is brilliant!  Anyone looking to unlock and release fear of expression would love his class."
...Lonette McKee, Actor & Director
"I moved to New York City with no acting experience.  After taking Wayne's class for 4 months, it got me  my 4th callback for a lead role in the new David Chase feature."
...Thomas Baker, Actor
"Wayne will have you working each class.  He is engaged with his students, provides scene work that challenges the actor and his feedback is right on the money."
...Marina Catalan, Actress
"Wayne's classes have always been very insightful.  He has an experiences and trained eye for scene work, helping to break down and identify what each actor can bring to the table. I've grown immensely as an artist thanks to his honest and accurate feedback, and I highly encourage any storyteller of any experience level to study with him. I always learn something and take away something positive from each class."
...Benjamin Farmer
(The Texture of Falling, The Blacklist, Grimm, Leverage, The Falls Trilogy)
"The environment of Wayne's class  thrives off the sense of connection and communication between actors, which he has taught us, above all else, to utilize when in a scene.  Wayne has taught me to push my voice, my inhibitions, my fears, my confidence, my vulnerability , even my fears."
...Mickey Jaiven, Actor