Preparing Actors for Auditions for Over 20 Years
 Founded in 1993 by Wayne David Gasser


"People have asked why I allow 'new' actors in the same class as those with years of experience. 
One day you may be hired to play opposite DeNiro or the directors' niece -
who has never acted before in her life - our technique will show you how to handle both, and make it work!"

...Wayne Gasser, Instructor

You work every class.

The format is simple - be honest with your emotions.

Don't plan your every move and emotion - allow it happen in the moment,
based on the dialogue, situation and relationship of characters.

Each week you will be given a new scene.  Some are original pieces and some are from
breakdowns from film and television shows currently being cast.

We work on character, emotion of the character, improvisation
and getting you off the page so you can focus on your partner/reader.

Industry Guests will come in from time to time (un-announced) to work with you.

Industry Guests in the past have included:

Brette Goldstein (Brette Goldstein Casting)
Judy Keller (Judy Keller Casting)
Doug Kesten (Agent, Paradigm)
Judy Bowman (Judy Bowman Casting)
Lain Kunin (Julie Schubert Casting)