Preparing Actors for Auditions for Over 20 Years
 Founded in 1993 by Wayne David Gasser



DOZENS of Students have been brought in by Casting Directors
after seeing their work in ActingHeartNYC

A safe place to learn & grow.  Affordable.
16 and over only

Tuesday 5 - 7 PM

"I like the energy and community that Wayne creates in the workshop.  The actors are clearly supportive of each other.  Also I loved that I got to experience this alongside my friend Judy Bowman, who is fabulous!"
Brette Goldstein, Brette Goldstein Casting

"Great fun !"
Judy Bowman, Judy Bowman Casting


"Wayne Gasser brings a creativity and an inspiring environment to his class where actors can thrive.  I have not seen that in most classes in this Big City.  His format allows students to work together on scenes and learn how to read cold copy of scenes that are quite extensive. I found each and every one of his students to be wonderfully talented.  I give credit to Wayne and his teaching skills for that."
...Judy Keller, CSA